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The Spirit of Rain – Poem by Navdha

Of all the fairest things on earth,
Or all the strangest things I know,
And all dark nights That come and go;
Was one strange night:
I stood there in utter fright.
Chin in my hands,
Bored to tears
Heaps of sorrow,
Ruled by fears.

By sweet-scented Dark and lovely woods,
In the copper glow of the moon
Quiet and still I stood.

Lost in my world,
So much that I
Was startled and shaken
When a figure came by.

She-oh, she was no doubt
The prettiest thing I knew!
Sure to pull many
Young men’s heavy queue;

As I looked longer,
Oh, what a sparkling robe it was;
And the crown made her look
Much more than just a pass.
Bejeweled with diamonds
And the finest pearls,
Perfect with those
Mysterious, white curls.

“Oh, dear! For heaven’s sake
Tell me now!
So unearthly are you,
Tell me how!”
Said a voice, suppressed
Inside of me;
Though I was silent
 She seemed to see
My face grows
From dark to bright;
In pure amazement,
as I stood still in that
dark, dark night.

“From the farthest skies
Do I come
I come in peace,
Though unreckoned by some.
I have been to places
That you have in your head;
But when I visit, Few years are shed.

“Some are delighted,
Some are not;
In my presence after all,
Battles have been fought.

“Most loved by the Poets though am I”,
Spoke she, in her deep voice,
Still a little shy,

“I quench the thirst
Of every being and every place;
And continue the existence
Of your Human race.

“I love them all
And am loved by the most,
Above, in the infinite
I rise at no cost.
That said,I must go.
“Stay for me!
Why not so?”

She curled up her lips in a smile
And pulled herself away,”I must depart–
For as you know, little Johnny wants to play.
My time has come
To visit some other land,
A place far, far away
Where soil is now drier than sand.
But very soon, I shall return
For you may need,
To have to water
Another tiny seed.
I’ll come for you,
Little girl, don’t you be sad.
“And she faded slowly into mist
But I felt glad.

A soft shower still fell with utter grace, 
Washing away all my pain,
Spellbound I stood there-
For I’d just met the spirit of rain.

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