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The Tale of Seliquona

The Tale of Seliquona: Where everything happens for a reason

Ages and ages ago, in the vast lush green land of Seliquona (a city not into existence now), lived the two purest human beings of the earth: Shelina Fritz and Jonas Fritz.

Shelina and Jonas were the queen and the king of Seliquona respectively. Seliquona had a big mustard field, pale like golden drop of water. There were many dragonflies and butterflies of various colours and their gaudy wings fluttered all the way. One day, in the city of Seliquona there came some great howling winds, gradually bringing in the rain together. The rain further brought thunderstorms, therefore, resulting into a great devastation. Everything was scattered, from books to papers, from documents to files, from window sills to its shutters everything. It was a very unusual thing for the kingdom.

Seliquona never faced such destruction ever. Mr Fritz and Mrs. Fritz were left with nothing except a humble smile of grief on their faces. But their humbleness still reigned. Due to the storm many people were severely injured, many ladies were widowed and many children were orphaned. Seliquona turned into a dark land. Soon, Shelina and Jonas started to gather all the victims of the storm. All the orphans, widows and the injured people gathered together on the command of Jonas.

He did not know where to start from. He talked to Shelina about this and suddenly an idea struck to both of them. They took some barks of the trees which were uprooted by the storm, to make shelters for the victim. They took the mud, some plastic pieces and made a shelter so that all the people as well as animals could live there. Gradually, the condition improved. Food was supplied by the kingdoms of other empires. One day they saw a seven years old child who was found in the police station. He seemed to be quiet hungry and weak. The police had no clues of his parents. Jonas and Shelina adopted that child. The lips of the child were red as a pomegranate, the skin colour was as fair as a swan and eyes of the child were speaking a thousand words. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz had never seen such a beautiful child ever. And suddenly from nowhere the child got wings, he started to levitate and said, “I am Jesus. I came to test your humility.” There were tears in the eyes of Jonas and Shelina. They asked, “But why did you bring such a big storm.” Jesus replied, “You did the thing that no one does. I wanted to see your patience. What happens happens for a reason.”

And the charming beauty vanished in no time. And what a spectacular scene they could see around them! Everything was back to normal. And the king and the queen lived happily ever after in the beautiful land of Seliquona.

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