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Date : 4 March 2021

  • Young Voice

Once, there was a rainforest but with less rainfall. In the rainforest lived a chicken named, Mrs. Fluffy, a crow named Mr. Black and an audacious snake named Mr. Wobbly.
Mrs. Fluffy and Mr. Black were very close companions. Mr. Wobbly always had an eye on their friendship. He had tried many times but could never break their bond. Their friendship had persevered for years.

One day, the snake stole the eggs of the chicken when the crow was at the chicken’s coop. One of the eggs was missing and when Mrs. Fluffy noticed this she was horrified and said, “Mr. Black, You stole one of my eggs. How dare you do that? You are no longer my friend.” Innocent Mr Black was shocked, “How can you question our friendship? I have not done it” he defended! Their argument went on and at last Mr, Wobbly had ruined their friendship.
Mr. Black tried to impress Mrs Fluffy, but it was not worth it. Mr. Black knew only Mr. Wobbly could do things that could break their friendship so he would always keep an eye on Mr. Wobbly’s house as to whom he met and if he had Mrs. Fluffy’s egg. Mr. Black told himself, “I will keep trying until I get to know who has stolen the egg due to which our friendship has been broken.”
One day, when Mr. Black was tracking Mr. Wobbly’s house, he saw Mr. Wobbly open a box which he had never seen. Mr. Wobbly sang, “Crow, will never find, that I have the egg with me. I have broken the friendship of the chicken and the crow. Yo. Hoo!!” When Mr. Black looked at it carefully, he saw it was Mrs. Fluffy’s egg! It was Mr. Wobbly who was after all the mischief.

Mr. Wobbly went out after some time and Mr. Black took the egg and ran to Mrs. Fluffy’s house and told her about all the things he had witnessed. Mrs. Fluffy sorrowfully said, “I am really very sorry, Mr. Black. Thank you so much for returning my egg.” Mr. Black said, “No problem, Mrs. Fluffy.” They hugged each other and pledged that they would never break their friendship ever again.



5, SUSHILA BIRLA GIRLS' SCHOOL, Kolkata, West Bengal

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