My Expressions

Date : 30 April 2020

  • Young Voice
  • Cheshta Luhana

There is one who tries the best,
Making people comfort and glad,
Asks nothing is written of that
It’s her religion, it’s her care.

This is no other than Mother Earth
Who is as gentle as music by bird,
On the other hand, are we people
Thinking ourselves at the apex level.

The world is ours and the time too
Deforestation and pollution is left to do,
Creating humanity and other woo,
Misleads the environment and its troop.

Machines in the technical world,
Are being praised by all creatures,
But tell me how will they give you oxygen,
When nature’s care is irresponsible.


Cheshta Luhana

Grade 9, Navrachana International School, Vadodra, Gujarat

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