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Date : 25 October 2020

  • Educators Speak
  • Rupe Ramesh

Doesn’t the topic sound INCREDIBLE! Am sure it does! Dreams make us work hard, achieve more and reach for the stars. And human beings are supposed to be the only living being to have the ability to dream! As is the case where is our world heading to?

Uncertainty, ill health, insecurity, disrespect for the fellow being selfishness, grudges….the list is endless….When the world is under the tight trip of technology from ordering a meal to blasting an enemy’s tanker which is beyond visibility, the lives on Earth is under the control of technology which is getting sophisticated day by day. Something for the humankind to be proud of?

Though man has become heartless, ungrateful, insincere these days…..a few adjectives to describe man in the present world, it’s extremely sad to realize that these qualities have become rare even among family members who sit all their free time staring at screens which are purely digital.

As a human being who values humanity, friendship and family more than branded clothes, expensive cars and luxuries, which can be purchased, I dream of a world where man uses technology to strengthen family ties, humanity, love and care for others.

How sweet were those days when kids were at the door step to greet their parents returning from work, everyone in the family sitting for meals together sharing the bright and dull moments of their day which brought them closer at heart and made the bonding stronger.

Gone, are those days when people went to sleep early just after supper. Presently, the world is awake 24*7 staring at digital screens.

So, to cut the tall story short, I dream of a world where man is human with tenderness and care with an ear to listen to others, an eye to see what his people need and a hand to help anyone less fortunate.

UN is known for achieving international peace among countries and I wish UN took steps to bring humans together in all walks of life. Good luck UN.


Rupe Ramesh

Educator, The Choice School, Tripunithura, Kerala

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