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Today’s energy wastage is tomorrow’s energy shortage

Have you ever imagined yourself in a world without electricity and water? Can we survive without water and electricity? What would happen to us without electricity? If there were no water and electricity on the earth so neither could we bathe nor could we watch TV. There would be no power supply. No power supply means no online classes. Have you ever thought about a world without digital life? These days we all are completely dependent on it whether it is online shopping, online banking or anything else. Both electricity and water have become essential parts of our life. We cannot survive water while life without electricity would transport us back to the ancient and medieval periods.

While water and electricity are so valuable for our survival, we are sadly wasting them in our everyday life. We know wasting natural resources is wrong but still we don’t even care to save them. You must be thinking “how are we wasting energy?”

The most obvious way by which we are wasting energy at our homes is by leaving the lights, mobile chargers, fans, air-conditions, televisions etc on even when they are not needed.

It is maybe the easiest habit to overcome. When you turn off lights, you save energy and provide a more suitable and greener environment for everyone around.

We don’t only waste electricity, but we also waste water in the same manner. On an average, one bucket of water gets wasted in each house due to the ‘Reverse Osmosis System’ which we use. We all know that we always leave the taps on while brushing. Several litres of water get wasted. Bathing in showers and bathtubs leads to excessive wastage of water. Have you ever thought about those people who are still struggling for the supply of freshwater in their houses?

Due to the shortage of water people wait in never ending lines so that they can collect water for their home. We see women carrying pitchers and other containers on their heads and walking several kilometres to fetch water in different parts of the country. But on the other hand, we also witness many of us wasting the life-giving and scarce natural resource.

You may have noticed that many people do not switch off their vehicle’s engine at the traffic signals. We know that when we keep our engine idle while waiting for the signal to turn green, our vehicles consume fuel and this leads to wastage of our resources. It takes a few minutes to exhaust or consume fuels, but it takes thousands of years to form fossil fuels. We human beings are least bothered about such issues which are actually very important.

After reading all this you would be thinking that since water and electricity are such vital things in our lives, we must try to conserve them. It is high time we really needed to think about energy and water conservation. We must think and focus on saving water because “Jal Hai To Kal Hai” and save energy “Agar Urja Nahi To Kuch Nahi”.

It is important to note that most of us are aware that the world is facing a water crisis. Half the world is going to face a severe water crisis by 2030. By the end of 2040, the world is going to face two major crises – water and energy. It is well established that the water and energy utility sectors are interrelated and interdependent. Water is used to produce energy and energy is used to transport, treat, and heat water.

How can we conserve energy?
• Energy conservation can be as simple as turning off lights or appliances when you do not need them.
• We can also use energy-intensive appliances less by performing household tasks manually, such as hand-drying our clothes or utensils instead of putting them in the dryer or washing dishes.
• Limiting the excess usage of air conditioners which emit oxidants contributing to the rise in global warming.
• We must switch off our engine at traffic signals which will not only save money but also keeps our environmental pollution free.

How can we conserve water?
Some ways to conserve water are:
• Bathing by buckets instead of using showers or bathtubs.
• Turning off the tap when not needed.
• Starting rainwater harvesting.

But as mentioned above, the methods of saving water and energy would help us in dealing with such crises. In my opinion, such methods are not effective against water or energy crisis. So, we need to focus on building a ‘Sustainable Developed World’. We must create a new world order where we can rely on non-conventional energy, where we can generate energy in the forms of wind, solar, small hydro, tides, geothermal heat and biomass. Renewable energy is the dire need of the hour.

On 14th December, 2014, our Honourable Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi ji, pledged for wholehearted commitment towards energy conservation. He stressed that energy can be conserved through the spread of LED bulbs, a people’s movement. He stressed it is much more economical to conserve power than to produce power. Speaking at one of the events, PM Modi said, “Not just for the present, solar energy will be a medium of energy needs of the 21st century because solar power is sure, pure and secure. The idea behind ‘One World, One Sun, One Grid’ is to fulfill the energy needs of many smaller nations on the planet.”

In nut-shell our Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji focused on energy and water conservation.

We must take measured steps to overcome the crisis. Rooftop solar plants, whether in industries or residences, have to be adopted. Optimum usage of electricity has to be turned into a habit in corporate houses as well as residential homes. We should also make optimum use of the huge talent of innovators that are in India. People should openly adopt new energy conservation ideas that are developed under ‘Make in India’, ‘Start-up India’ and ‘Aatmnirbhar Bharat’ schemes.

We have only one earth. Therefore, whether it is non-renewable energy or renewable energy or drinking water, it is the need of the hour that our resources must be conserved and sustainable development could be made a way of life.

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