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True Independence – Inner Independence

Independence, to me, means many things, at a personal level first. Thereafter, independence takes a meaning at the levels of society and country too.

Whats freedom at a personal level?

At a personal level, independence to me means the freedom to Dream, to see my own Vision of my life, to create that Vision through my actions. It also means the freedom to learn what I want to learn, the way I want to learn, where and what time I want to learn. Independence also means the choice of discovering my inner passions and talents and carve out my life journey and mission based on my uniqueness.

I also believe that independence of the above kind brings with it a feeling of becoming self-anchored. This self-anchoring empowers us to take charge of our own decisions and life. We become more self- regulated.

Therefore, true independence, to my mind, automatically brings with it true responsibility.

Whats independence at a larger level?

When I multiply this Vision of true independence to the larger level of society and nation, I see a picture of a society or a nation which is following its own unique path of creating its future.

A nation which is internally free of external bondages of hatred, jealousy, comparisons and superiority or inferiority complexes. A nation which is so self-anchored that it doesn’t feel the need to fear, control, dominate or exclude any Community, Race, Religion or Languages from its fold.

Gandhiji’s nation

A nation which, in words of Gandhiji, has found deep inner peace, which cannot be disturbed by any external circumstances. That nation, to me, is a truly independent nation, not just that nation which has freed itself from foreign domination.

In that sense, when I Iook at fellow Indians, and even some other people, I feel we are yet to achieve true independence.

Suryassangyini Chaudhary


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Suryassangyini Chaudhary

Grade 5, DPS Sonepat, Sonepat, Haryana

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