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Unfollow your shadow

Stacey startled by the banging on her door at 2:00 a.m She woke up and saw her best friend Rebecca at her door fully tired and behaving like she is drunk. But the point is that she does drink alcohol or is under drugs. Stacey held her up and took her to the drawing-room and settled her on the couch. She looked scared and was sobbing. Stacey tried to calm her down and ask her what was wrong.

She said, “Those will kill me ..Stace s-ave me . I am going to d-ie” she cried panic struck.

Hey Rebby, calm down, what are the shadows. Please relax no one can harm you my Rebby. I will not let anything happen to you “.
“Stace u don’t know a band of monsters with sword covered with black liquid was attacking my shadow, I will die . I will not be there anymore, Farewell my sis, Stace”.
“No one can kill u Rebby. I will kill the person who will kill u “.
“I saw with my eyes, they struck that sword in a little girl’s shadow, it released a black substance which they collected in a pot and on the spot that girl lay dead. After that, they saw me and tried to kill me but I ran fast. Today being an athlete helped me a lot”.
“Rebby what were u doing there at 2:00 a.m.?.You ought to be sleeping”
“Stace I was sleeping only then around 1:30 a.m. a call came from mother she said she needs her insulin injection now she ran out of it so I went to the Robert Chemist Store to get the injection. On my way back home I saw this incident and came running to you as your house was the closest to the store”.
“Rebby, today sleep with me and tomorrow we can go to the Police Station and report the incident.”
“Yes, that would be better,” Rebecca said.
“Come to the bedroom. Please don’t stress yourself, we will fight this situation together Rebby ”
“Thank you Stace, you are my true and only friend, I can never lose you “.
” Goodnight Rebby”
“Goodnight Stace”

Chapter 2
Today is so quiet, it gives me goosebumps”, Rebecca said
“Reb relax I know you are frightened but this problem will be sorted out, the Manhattan police will help us out”.
They were walking hand in hand peacefully until they saw a poster that said, “Your shadow will be ripped apart”
and a symbol “∆SF∆” was printed there.
“This is the same symbol i saw on the monster’s hand, Stace”.
“We need to show this to the police”, Stace said
“Is someone there to help us “, they shouted as soon as they reached the police station
A reply came” Yes girls, we are here to help you. How can I help you “?
Seeing the name batch on the uniform Stacey said,” Mr. Thompson I am Stacey and this is my best friend Rebecca. Yesterday night my friend encountered a group of monsters, who had a sword in their hand and they attacked a little girl’s shadow and her shadow released a black substance and the girl died. Then they went after my friend but as she is an athlete she ran away very fast”.
“Oh my god! The band of Shadow Followers came to Manhattan. I have to inform the senior officers about it “.
” Who are the Shadow Followers”?
“They are a group of vampires. They are not ordinary vampires. They attack the shadow of humans and kill it with a special sword named ‘Shadowstroke’ and they collected the black blood and feed on it. As soon as your shadow’s blood is drained you will also die. They can see your shadow always except on some occasions like eclipses or full moon and new moon. And one more fact, they attack people aged from 6 to 20 years of age only. How old are you Stacey and Rebecca “?
” We both are 17 years old”
“We are the same age. Also, there is a band of saviors ‘Unfollowers’ who protect humankind from these vampires. Tomorrow I am going to meet the  Unfollowers to protect humankind from these dreadful vampires, Shadow Followers”.
“We will also come together”.
“You might risk your life. It might be that in this fight you both can die”.
“I am ready to die “, Stace said.
“I can’t leave my best friend to die alone, I will also come,” Rebecca said.
“Ok, tomorrow at 4 a.m. meet me at the Woodland Park near the banyan tree. We will meet them near the backyard of Crossword theatre”
“Okay”, they said together
“You may wonder how do I know so much about the Dark World, it is because I am also the part of the Unfollowers band . Also please call me Mark and we are of the same age”.
“Thank you Mark for helping us”.
“You are welcome. Anyway Police and Unfollowers are here to help humankind only “.


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Manvi Bajaj


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