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What I miss about school?

It’s been more than 2 months that I have not gone to school.

The Coronavirus attacked the world with a big bang and suddenly all the schools were shut down.

Initially, it was great fun. No waking up in the morning and no need to follow a routine.

Life was going good with sleeping late and waking up equally late. 

But by the time mid-April dawned boredom set in.

Online classes were also fun during the initial phase, but gradually I stopped enjoying it.

I remembered an English saying, which my mother often quoted,  “Children should be seen, not heard.”

That was what was happening in online classes. We were seen, we were taught, but we couldn’t make noise. 

That is the missing link in online classes…. The four walls of the classroom, the chaotic noise, the pleasure of wishing the teacher in a chorus, the question-answer and discussion session, the friends, the punishments and everything else that comprises school.

I miss the games period, where we become free birds, enjoying the sun, sky and the ground. The hot sun or the thundering clouds don’t deter us from enjoying those 40 minutes.

I miss the recess time, where we share food together with friends and talk and talk over even on irrelevant issues. 

I miss submitting my notebooks to my teachers and then the pleasure of getting them back with “good” or a “star”.

I miss wearing my uniform with the Vice Captain badge. It was such a feeling of pride to put on stripes and badge on my uniform. Whenever I  open my cupboard, I just stand still and enjoy looking at those captain stripes.

The charm of packing the bag every day, and especially for days that had games, library, art/ craft is indescribable. I miss that too sometimes.

I am now eagerly waiting for the schools to reopen so that I can meet all my friends and teachers and get to see my new classroom too. 

I hope the COVID-19 and the lockdown become history and life turns to normal soon.


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Antriksh Rastogi

Grade 10, Navy Children School, Goa

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