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Image Depicting Why do I like Curious Times Magazine?

Why do I like Curious Times Magazine?

Image Depicting Why do I like Curious Times Magazine?

Why do I like Curious Times Magazine?

Well, it was just days before I got a message from my school’s teachers saying
‘The curious times magazine is organising a creative challenge on performing art, Art and writing.

At first, I did not take it seriously as I had exams during this declaration and totally denied. But after a day or two, when I was in front of my laptop, I started to think of this and searched on to the browser. It was then that I discovered the different types of talents one can possess on a global platform. I went through all the published posts and that made my day.

On seeing this, I too got inspired to showcase my talent. I started working towards it. I always wanted to showcase my talent in drawing, so that was my first step. I soon completed the artwork and gave an entry to the Curious Times magazine. I always think that my drawings are never interesting and I started to lose hope in my talent as I was now worried whether my works would be published in the magazine. After losing all hope I went into bed.

The next morning I woke up with the message ” Your post has been successfully published” by Curious Times Magazine. I was overjoyed. With this, I started to make more art forms and also tried to make a poem by myself named ‘Chords of the escape’ where it got published.

At present, I am writing this special note to one of the greatest global platforms for children ‘Curious Times Magazine. I thank the whole team for making childhood life much more entertaining and encouraging. With this platform, I am sure that children would reach heights with the encouragement given by the magazine. Thank you Curious Times Magazine.

Thank you
Jennifer James, GAES

Here is one of the first submissions of Curious Times.

The Chords Of My Escape


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Jennifer James

9, Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah , UAE

Comments: 10
  1. ananyat16 says:

    thank you nice creative thing for children

  2. Maahi says:

    Yes. It’s a great platform. We should encourage our friends and cousins to participate and showcase their talent.

  3. Sanaa says:

    Everything you have written about curious times is a fact..
    Curious Times is nice

  4. Omkarkumbhar says:

    It’s a wonderful platform form. thanks for giving kids opportunities to perform and show others what they are.thanks once again

  5. Anshumannagpal says:

    I too completely endorse every word mentioned there.
    It has given me too, a big opportunity to showcase my work. The team appreciates me and helps me to become better at what I am inclined towards. Hugs to all of them.

  6. Curious Kitty says:

    Meow Jennifer!!!
    Thanks for such a warm and affectionate note. It is so touching to know that you were giving up on your talent and Curious Times came along and gave you hope. Your poem is so good. Dont ever get disappointed with external factors, believe in yourself.

    Curious Times is thinking about what children want and what is good for them.
    All of you children, who are here and share your love for Curious Times, we would always like to know if you want any features, send us a note on

    And keep up the good work, bring your family and friends here.

    Stay Curious!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Thank you Curious Times for appreciating me!!! This is such a great platform and these words come from my heart

  8. Jennifer says:

    Thank you all for your warm wishes

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