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Image depicting why do I love Curious Times

Why do I love Curious Time? Find Out!

Image depicting why do I love Curious Times

Why do I love curious time?

One day my English teacher told me and my friends about Curious Times.

She told me and my friends to post our stories on Curious Tmes. And then when I submitted my story, it got published in Curious Times. 

My ma’am appreciated me. From that day I started loving Curious Times. And guess what, I started writing too.

Best thing is that I got a confidence to write and share my views.

I thank to Curious Times because it is giving me and many other students confidence. It also helps us to makes our lives. We can also make our career through it.

I don’t have any words to thank you Curious Times.  And that is why I love Curious Times.

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Thanks, Tanvi, your ma’am and your friends. We hope you learn, play, enjoy, write, debate, draw, sketch on Curious Times. It is delight to see many of you come every day on Curious Times and read News and My Expressions.

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Comments: 2
  1. sanchita_33 says:

    At first I was bad at writing stories and poems but when I started writing stories and poems on Curios Times, it gave confidence t my writing. Then, I started writing just like you.

  2. Curious Kitty says:

    Wonderful Sanchita and Tanvi. Keep it up. Invite your friends too.

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