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Wings of freedom

As the birds fly up in the air,

They are free to fly anywhere

This is what freedom feels,

It’s the right of everyone, whether it’s a girl, a boy, parrots or seals.

The freedom to think and explore,

The freedom to quack and roar.

The freedom to do anything,

The freedom to write, dance and sing.

The freedom for which you don’t have to hide your feelings,

The freedom in which you don’t compromise or have dealings.

The freedom in which you’re not controlled,

The freedom to be sweet or bold.

This kind of freedom is deserved by everyone,

Whether it is a person who’s seventy, thirty or eleven.

The freedom is forest for a lion, not a cage,

The freedom for anyone of any age.

Like as the fish swim with their fins open wide,

The freedom to look towards your flag with pride.


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Shreya Rajput

Grade: 10, Venkateshwara Global School, Rohini, Delhi

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