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Words said by scrabble

Sitting in this cabinet covered in a thick layer of dust I recall my old golden days when I was the reason why the whole family would sit together, or at least I like assuming so.
It all started when Mascot toy factory manufactured me- a scrabble game and placed me in a high rack in Hamleys, London. After my completion, I was taken there in a big truck with other games and priced at twenty pounds as the Christmas sale was on.

My box, which is brightly colored mainly green contains a green board with squares and a pouch with letter tiles. One cold evening, a pretty lady came and had me packed in a red-colored paper. The next day I found myself lying under a Christmas tree in a mansion. From then the family would open me every night after dinner and have a good game while chitter-chattering. The nasty twins would badger each other giving the parents a hard time. The sister would make up words and check them as valid scrabble words in google to gain points and the brother never approved of that. While it was fun to watch them argue, I couldn’t be biased myself in that matter. Another conflict was when the twins asked the parents to choose one side instead of being fence-sitters. They all seemed to enjoy the game and I relished seeing them together. The room would still be aromatic by the smell of grilled cheese or sometimes fresh salads or hot chocolate when they brought me in.

Now that the twins are busy teenagers, they don’t even find time for me on Christmas. Through the keyhole I watch them move about their rushed lives hoping that they will find time for me someday. I hear the clock tick by as I age in their bedroom cupboard, getting nostalgic while reliving my glorious days.


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Suhani Khemka


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  1. Curious Kitty says:

    Hey Suhani
    Loved your write-up as always. 👏👏👏
    Look forward to seeing you at the Creative challenge

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