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Curious Times is India’s first news website for children. An online children’s newspaper, it helps to bridge the gap between their curriculum content at school and the affairs of the world. Curious Times strives to give children authentic news and information in simple language.

Why do we need an exclusive news website for children?

Today, the news and information are available in abundance. With so many social media and online applications available on the tap of our fingers, we are constantly bombarded with information related to current affairs and discoveries.

Yet, we find that children are unable to relate to current news topics. In the sea of difficult words, questions, phrases, and subjects that are swirling about in the internet whirlpool, how much can the kids understand and assess?

We believe there is a need for an online newspaper for kids. A child friendly newspaper can help to curate English news for children in a style and language they can understand well.

A daily dose of news for kids

Curious Times is a platform for children, which not just serves as a news website for children but also provides an academic and educational context to the current affairs, which is relevant for kids and students.

The news articles and activities on Curious Times are personalised and nurtured with care. Our short news articles are stripped off the sensationalism that one finds so often in other news reports.

At Curious Times, the online learning for kids includes all the latest news for children, including:

  • Current event articles for kids
  • Science news for kids
  • International news for children
  • Sports news for kids
  • Student news
  • Technology news
  • Space news for kids
  • Climate news for children
  • National and regional news
  • Important days, dates and festivals

Making news interesting and easy for children

Curious Times breaks up the information into articles that cater to different reading grades. According to their interest and reading proficiency, children can read articles in the grade groups that they are comfortable with. This ensures that children of all age groups and reading skills can find useful reading material for themselves.

Curious Times aims to simplify, educate and engage the curious minds of our young readers efficiently and effectively. No article takes more than 2-3 minutes to read, which means children need only 7-10 minutes to update themselves on current affairs!

Not just a news report for children

Curious Times is more than just news for children to read. Our articles not only cover a wide range of topics but also come with a Quiz or Contribution Feature. The quiz helps the children to reinforce what they read and remember the details and the essence and essence of the pieces.

The ‘Word of the Day’ introduces children to a new word each day. The ‘Tongue Twister’ and ‘Jokes’ keep them giggling, while the section on professional careers provides useful information for a better future.

This news website for children is hence not about just about feeding information, because that would be boring. It is in fact, a learning site for kids, opening their minds to question, pay attention, be curious and at the same time have lots of fun!

A student’s newspaper

Children learn fascinating concepts in school. However, textbook knowledge needs to be supplemented boosted with practical examples, and theoretical education needs to be connected to our real world. We believe that it is the news, current affairs and daily reinforcement of context that brings social consciousness, awareness and empathy, which are the foundation of the 21st-century skills.

Our Partner Schools find Curious Times as a go-to place for news, knowledge and other education-related activities. Imagine how easy it would be to project the articles for a zero period or a GK class and let the children relate their study material to an ongoing event mentioned in an article.

Spending Quality time with news

Schools alone are not responsible for the holistic development of the child. Parents and family play an equally important role too. Reading our children’s news website could, in fact, be a perfect family activity to do every day. Instead of trying to wrestle away the phone or tablet from your child’s stubborn clutches, why not spend some time together reading up on the latest developments and general information.

Curious Times is a unique endeavor, a first of its kind news website for children alone that implores us to tell our little ones that curiosity doesn’t kill! Let our children be inquisitive about what surrounds them, what shapes them and what in turn they might shape someday, because, “The child who reads is the adult who thinks.”

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