Make Concepts Come Alive

Correlates current happenings with concepts taught in school.

Curious Times at Schools

Schools are adopting Curious Times for general knowledge and current affairs requirements of students and teachers across all categories social studies, politics, geography, science, finance, economics, sports and just news! Ready reckoner

A Ready Reckoner - this is how 10 minutes of news reading can become a part of the school day

Why our Teachers    us!

  • I have been teaching for over 20 years in Army schools across India. As academicians, we always want to up-the-ante of our students with knowledge of what’s happening around us and not just what is in textbooks. I believe concepts need to be presented in a practical connotation.

    Curious Times is a great initiative – not just useful to students, but also helps us teachers to stay aligned on the most important topics that children of different ages would need to know. The content here is matter-of-fact and most importantly curriculum-synced, making it relevant to the child.

    Bhawna Rishi

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