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Why Curious Times ?

Curious Times is India’s first news and information website, just for children. It provides an engaging non-fiction experience for children with valuable literacy tools for the classrooms and home reading.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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About Curious Times - Best educational website for news and information for children.

A children’s news website and a newspaper for kids, Curious Times aims to give young ones a daily dose of the current affairs. The Social media and news websites satiate the curiosity of adults, but what about news for children and young readers? There is breaking news every day, layered with generous sensationalism that makes way into our living rooms and bedrooms. But such news is more sensational and not curated to the needs of first time readers of the 21st century. Children news is the need of the hour, more now than ever, because children are curious and are constantly bombarded with a lot of information, which is biased and sensational. How much of it is adding value to their little vulnerable minds is the question we ask? Curious Times, a news website for children and a newspaper for kids, is carefully created to give children news in simple language. Students’ educational site, it not just helps to raise their curiosity, awareness and vocabulary, it also allows them to share their views and provides them a safe and trusted platform to get their creative work published. It aims to be the wind that guides the children of today into responsible and holistic adults of tomorrow.

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