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    COVID 19 – Break the chain campaign

    Date : 28 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Natania Reji

    Here is a lovely piece of art from Natania Reji. Dear Curious Friends, Together will fight against Coronavirus, as the planets are not ready for […]

    Music of the soul… A poem by Priya Manohar

    Date : 26 March 2020

    • Experts' Views
    • Priya Manohar

    She woke up gently,Breaking the shield of darkness,Treading on tiptoes,And caressing sleeping faces,Almost apologetically. Beckoning all to join her,To see colours unfolding,To see the skies […]

    Grounded … a poem by singhblingking

    Date : 25 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • singhblingking

    We have interesting views of Hardit Singh Musson. He is a student, who is at home amidst prevailing coronavirus fear. Sitting here because of the […]

    The Spirit of Rain – Poem by Navdha

    Date : 23 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Navdha

    Of all the fairest things on earth,Or all the strangest things I know,And all dark nights That come and go;Was one strange night:I stood there in […]

    My Summer Trip To… Goa!

    Date : 22 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Sanaa Celly

    Hi, my name is Sanaa. Here is my most memorable summer trip. Journey to Goa On my summer trip to Goa, I went with my […]

    Poem – Legendary!

    Date : 21 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Navdha

    On World Poetry Day, our young and super talented, Navdha pens a beautiful poem. Enjoy this one! Hard work’s always faceless,Shouldn’t matter what your gender […]

    My Summer Trip To… Taj Mahal

    Date : 20 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Arnav Yadav

    My exams were finally over … I had completed the most difficult task of the year and this meant that I needed some time to […]

    Book Review – Sisters By Raina Telgemeier

    Date : 19 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Sanaa Celly

    Hi Curious Friends, My name is Sanaa Celly and today I am going to tell you about another book from Raina Telgemier, which is ‘Sisters’. […]

    I wish Kalpana Chawla were alive!

    Date : 17 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Shreya Rajput

    Today, 17th March is the birthday of Kalpana Chawla, the first female of Indian origin who went into space. She was an American astronaut. This is what I know […]

    Happy International Women’s Day – To teachers from a student!

    Date : 8 March 2020

    • Young Voice
    • Shreya Rajput

    At first, I want to share the video of the UN on International Women’s Day 2020! And then don’t miss reading my poem for all […]

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