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Curious Times at Schools

Curious Times, an educational website for children providing news for children, a newspaper for young readers and a place for children’s expressions, is one of the best educational websites for students. The school is a second home for children where they learn together and such education forms the foundation of their further learning, their careers and their character.

Curious Times, an educational website for kids can be an apt medium to help children gain holistic knowledge of the world and connect it with their standard curriculum. Unlike many other educational website for children, Curious Times is curated to give news and information about current affairs according to each child’s individual reading or grade level. Through the medium of News, Curious Times builds social consciousness, general awareness and empathy, which are integral to building great communities and great nations. The other aspects of our educational application include exposing children to new vocabulary, providing them with information on general knowledge subjects, making them aware of professions, national and international world maps, space, environment, sustainable development goals, flora, fauna, endangered species, eminent leaders, artists, performers, scientists etc. By providing fun quizzes, curriculum and contextual reference and deep facts they get more from our online news articles, not just news.

Incorporating educational website for children into the school curriculum.

As a Ready Reckoner, we list some of the ways in which Curious Times, our site can be used as an effective tool for education and learning in schools.

Curious Times, an educational website is a children’s newspaper that caters to their inquisitiveness and curiosity. Instead of just viewing it as an online newspaper for children, schools can incorporate its various features and core purpose as educational tools.

Imagine, how much fun it can be when children learn and they don’t even come to know that they are learning.

Why our Teachers    us!

  • Textbooks may make you fit to pass an exam. But what will prepare you for life can be found outside your textbooks only. So include life skills, social consciousness, empathy for fellow human beings, care and concern for the environment and the world we live in in our daily reading.

    Chitra Laxman, Tecaher, MVJ Pre University College, Bengaluru
  • Students are reading it as a part of their zero period classroom activity. They are always eager to discuss and share their views. Curious Times acts as a platform for our young readers to discuss their view points and share their opinions pertaining to their area of interest.

    Chavi Ilwadi, Faculty, Delhi Public School
  • I have been teaching for over 20 years in Army schools across India. As academicians, we always want to up-the-ante of our students with knowledge of what’s happening around us and not just what is in textbooks. I believe concepts need to be presented in a practical connotation.

    Curious Times is a great initiative – not just useful to students, but also helps us teachers to stay aligned on the most important topics that children of different ages would need to know. The content here is matter-of-fact and most importantly curriculum-synced, making it relevant to the child.

    Bhawna Rishi

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