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Innovative Young Citizens Challenge Edition

Innovative Young Citizens Challenge Edition

Innovative Young Citizen Challenge Special Edition 2021 is truly a magazine by the innovative, creative, problem solvers on Curious Times. Read, share and participate.

It gives us extreme pleasure to bring this special edition to you. Each page of the magazine shows the sharp critical thinking, problem-solving and reasoning ability of the students who participated in the challenge.  

Some of the best creative, innovative students with liberal thinking with a blend of science and art, authors and poets have made this possible. Yes, they are all young curious readers, artists and writers on Curious Times! 

We conducted the “Innovative Young Citizen’s Challenge (IYCC) 2021” in August 2021. The themes were Performing Arts, Arts and Crafts and Creative Writing. Over 1,000 students participated in the challenge and won certificates and prizes.

Many parents message us to find out the winners. We want to inform you, each of these participants is a winner. They are winners because they showed the confidence to participate. So, we wish you all the best, keep participating and learning from each other.  

Many of the great entries, were not in the Top 36. We were going by our evaluation guidelines, so some of the entries were dropped from the Top 36 list, though they have been sent Outstanding Performers certificates. You will find those in our magazine too.

Linking to the articles on Curious

Within the magazine ‘Innovative Young Citizens Challenge Edition’, all the entries have a backlink to the students’ published entries on the website. You can visit the website to see some of the videos. Some entries are only on My Expressions and not in the magazine, these could be picture quality issues or other editorial reasons.

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Curious Times congratulates the participating students, their schools and parents in the Innovative Young Citizens Challenge. 

We look forward to your continuing participation. 

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