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The Best Newspaper For Children, Curious Times Weekly, brings to you the Top News of the week, Special Art – World Ocean’s Day, Poetry By Students

Top News:

This is the 90th edition of Curious Times Weekly. It includes – Girl will be the first kid to send an object to space, Girl with Autism sets world record,  The world’s first website is still running, 3 Indian universities among world’s top 200, Chat app helps catch criminals, The human body produces 25 million new cells, Bacteria can help clean ancient statues, Schools should be reopened as soon as possible, Boy from Chennai breaks Guinness World Record,

Feature Articles: The man on the NBA logo was a former player, Elephants’ trunks can suck in the water really fast

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My Expressions

This Newspaper For Children also includes the artsy art🎨 and compendious writing✍️ by the Creative Students. ‘ME’ – My Expressions, brought to you by Curious Club members🎨

Cover Page Art: Nishit Bansal, OliveMount Global School
Springdales School: Lavnya, Abhimanyu, Garv
DPS Sonepat: Advay, Sanaya
Birla High School: Pranshu
Scottish High International: Sanaa
D.L.D.A.V. Model School: Bhaavya, Vridhi
Fatima Convent Primary School: Jivya
The Heritage School: Riyanshi
Baldwin Girls High School: Shhloka
The Khaitan School: Maahi
La Martiniere for Boys: Krrish
Calcutta International School: Aaradhya
Green Valley Matriculation School: Mohammed
Euro Kids, Ahmedabad: Harshil
Sainik School, Sujjanpur: Aditya

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