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Why 21st century learning skills is important for parents

A lot has changed since we were growing up. For us, the parents of today, the 3R’s – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic were thought as sufficient skills to get through the course of life. But we are nurturing kids of the 21st century. And, therefore, these children need to master the 21st century learning skills in order to thrive in today’s world.

Curious Times is an educational and news website for children and young readers. We understand that 21st century learning skills have to be imparted to our children for a holistic development. Keeping this in mind, we have curated our educational platform. It provides safe and educative content through curated news for children and theme led engagement.

We believe that this is a place for them to learn and adapt themselves to the 21st century competencies through systematic consumption of high quality content. Besides, the content is curated and moderated to ensure that every day a child is progressing and learning 21st century skills.

Why are 21st century skills in education important?

Lines between disciplines have been blurred because of advances in technology.

As parents, we have to acknowledge that our children cannot necessarily get a rounded and complete learning from text books alone. We have to build our children’s social consciousness, general awareness and empathy which are essential in, not only a good life for them, but also for building great communities and great nations.

Incorporating Global Themes in 21st century learning skills

The world is getting smaller as communication and dissemination of information and knowledge are becoming increasingly easier. The global themes are centered on global awareness, financial, economic, entrepreneurial, civic, health and environmental literacy. These global themes are a part of Curious Times content, as we cover current affairs, news reports and article writings on a wide range of general knowledge subjects.

Most importantly, global awareness is heightened as we bring to our young readers, not only current news, but also a lot more. This includes knowledge on environment, sustainable development goals, space, national and international maps, eminent leaders, flora, fauna, endangered species, performers, artists, professions and so on.

What are the 21st century skills?

The cornerstones of 21st century skills are the 4 C’s – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. These 21st century interdisciplinary themes are also being weaved increasingly into academics. Many schools and teachers are beginning to recognize the importance of teaching students the 21st century education skills.

Critical Thinking and Creativity

Collaboration and communication

How can parents help children acquire 21st century competencies?

Children learn a lot by interacting and observing parents and family at home. Parents who understand the need of a wholesome learning for their children are better equipped to guide their kids to acquire the 21st century competencies. Curious Times assists parents in this endeavor. It therefore, acts as a tool to help children with 21st century learning skills in a daily systematic and contextual way.

Spending 10 minutes in the day reading Curious Times with your child can do wonders. It can help you make them understand news, information and sensitive topics that are presented in relatable ways on our children’s news website. And this enhances their critical thinking and leads them to expressing opinions and ideas. The next step is communicating these ideas in collaboration with parents, friends or peers. In fact, children can communicate and contribute to even dinner table conversations around prime time news.

So, how can Curious Times help students, parents and teachers unlock the 21st century learning skills? Let us find out!

Curious Times and 21st century skills for students

Curious Times and 21st century skills for parents

We understand that as a parent, we have studied in the 20th Century. And so perhaps, things were a lot easier. It was also easier to get jobs. However, with technological advancements, we are also adjusting to the 21st Century skills required for doing our jobs. The 4 C’s – Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication are equally important for us. And this is true, whether we are in our own business, or employees or stay at home parents. As parents, we have to continuously upgrade ourselves and stay informed on what’s happening around the globe and opportunities for our children.

In order to bring News and Information to our children, Parents are continuously looking for information online. Curious Times can act as a one stop destination! Because it educates parents and provides targeted information, so that we don’t have to waste time searching for the right information. It also serves as a safe platform. And therefore can be offered to children without fear of exposing them to inappropriate language or content.

Curious Times and 21st century skills for teachers

Now, we are an educational and news website for children and young readers. But we also share the vision of teachers and educational institutes when it comes to imparting 21st century education. In fact, teachers and schools need all the external support to integrate 21st century skills in education. Curious Times is happy to be that pillar of support by helping and arming teachers and institutes with curated news and information. It is an ideal platform to boost general knowledge among students and get them thinking to form an opinion, as well as an open mind. Our quizzes and ME – My Expressions section also help educational institutes gauge the students retentive, understanding and communication skills. Curious Times thus assimilates the 21st century skills for students and duly helps in acquiring 21st century skills for teachers too.

A moderated safe platform for tweens and teens

Curious Times is a platform providing 100% safe content and space for children to express themselves and develop peer learning. The aim is to foster the 21st century skills for students who are growing up in a world that is fast paced in innovation, technologies, collaborations and communication. We at Curious Times hope to play our part in helping parents nurture the future generation- A generation that is armed with a lot more technology, information and exposure to the world but who also need our guidance and encouragement to realize its full potential.

This is how Curious Times helps parents and children

Why our Parents    us!

  • CT is the most important link between the real world and academics. I am seeing my daughter becoming knowledgeable about a lot of things. News is no longer boring.

    Suman, Parent, Kochi
  • Veer and I read the articles together. They are written in simple, easy to understand English. The point wise writing helps kids retain what they’re reading. The little quiz at the end ensures they’ve paid attention too. I, personally, like the name curioustimes, and how it is ‘non sensational’. Now, as a parent I trust CT

    Bhawna Goel

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