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Word of the Day

  • Reproach  

    Verb | ri-prohch
    to criticize

  • Reluctantly  

    Adverb | ri-luhk-tuhnt-lee
    somewhat unwillingly

  • Reform  

    Verb | ri-fawrm
    to improve via change

  • Readily  

    Adverb | red-l-ee
    right away and without difficulty

  • Rash  

    Adjective | rash
    acting or tending to act too hastily or without due consideration

  • Quirk  

    Noun | kwurk
    a strange habit

  • Prohibit  

    Verb | proh-hib-it
    to command against, to outlaw

  • Scrupulous  

    Adjective | skroo-pyuh-luhs
    paying great attention to detail