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Image depicting Beautiful Flowers: The Shirui Lily!

Beautiful Flowers: The Shirui Lily!


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The Shirui Lily, also known as Siroi lily (Lilium Macklinae) is a beautiful flower that grows only on the top of Shirui Kashong peak in the Ukhrul district of Manipur.

It is rare and unique because it cannot be grown anywhere else in the world. Researchers have conducted several attempts to grow it in other places, but they have been unsuccessful.

Interesting facts about Shirui Lily!

  • The Shirui Lily is the state flower of Manipur.
  • The flower is bell-shaped and light pale pinkish in colour. It is called ‘Kashongwon’ in the local language.
  • Shirui lily blooms during the months of May and June. The peak bloom season is between 15th May and 5th June.
  • It has medicinal value and is used to treat skin and stomach problems.
  • This rare flower is becoming endangered due to plastic pollution and people plucking and uprooting the plant.

This flower was first discovered by Kingdon Ward in 1946. He had come to the Manipur hills from the New York Botanical Society.

Every year, the Manipur government usually organises the Shirui Lily Festival in the period of May-June. The festival aims to spread awareness of Shirui Lily as well as promote tourism.

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