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Image depicting The human body: Our nose has a remarkable memory!

The human body: Our nose has a remarkable memory!


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The human body is one of the most fascinating creations of nature. Every organ in the human body has a specific purpose and all the organs work together to make us feel alive every second.

When we smell something, it enters our nostrils. Inside the nostrils, there is a system that detects it and sends it to our brain. Our brain then tells us about the smell. It is a good smell or foul smell or it is a fishy or rosy smell, the brain tells us everything.

Fun facts about our nose!

  • About 400 different types of sensory organs are spread out all over the nasal cavity of a human nose.
  • Many different smells can be picked up by these 400 detectors.
  • Out of these huge numbers, our noses can remember about 50,000 different smells. For example, when it starts to rain at the end of a very hot day, the air smells like wet earth. This smell is one that we know well. So, we don’t have to go outside to see for ourselves that it’s raining.
  • It also happens when mom makes great food and we can tell what it is even though we didn’t see her make it. This is because the smell has already been stored in our brains.
  • In the same way, we can smell the fire that’s burning. Since this is the case, we can say that the nose is an important part of the body.

Check out the functioning of our nose in this informative video by Learning Junction.

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