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Image depicting Fred Flintstone - Stone Age cartoon character!

Fred Flintstone – Stone Age cartoon character!


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Fred Flintstone – The Stone Age cartoon character.  For those of you, who do not about Fred Flinstone, let us check about the famous Stone Age cartoon character – Fred Flintstone.

What is the famous catchphrase of Flintstone?

His most famous catchphrase is “Yabba-Dabba-Doo!”, which is also heard at the beginning of the theme song, “Meet the Flintstones”. 

Fun facts about Fred Flinstone!

  • Fred Flintstone – The Stone Age cartoon character is the main character of the American animated cartoon series – The Flintstone.
  • The series shows the activities of the Flinstone family and their neighbours – Rubbles, who are best friends.
  • Fred is the husband of Wilma Flintstone and father of Pebbles Flintstone.
  • He is mainly a kind and generous man, but he gets mad and angry a lot of times, usually when his immature friend Barney teases him.
  • In fact, Fred is a very emotional person who laughs loudly and also cries easily.
  • He likes to do bowling and play pool, poker and golf with Barney.
  • Flinstone also has a pet dinosaur named Dino and a pet cat named baby puss.
  • He is a handsome caveman with fair skin, a tan beard, black hair, thick black eyebrows and a large nose.
  • He wears a sky blue neck-tie and a sleeveless, orange and black-spotted loincloth dress.

Let’s listen to the theme song:


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