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Image depicting A dog learns to apply false eyelashes

Watch a video: A dog learns to apply false eyelashes

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A dog learns to apply false eyelashes

The internet today is filled today with fun videos on pets and their owners doing funny things. Mukul Richards, a makeup artist in Mumbai, shared a funny reel on her Instagram account in line with this theme.

As she applies false eyelashes on herself, her dog keeps stopping her. The dog wants her attention. Mukul finally begins to apply the false eyelashes and teaches her pet at the same time.  The humourous interaction has dialogues that explain the actions of the owner and her pet.

If you’ve ever owned a pet you would be able to relate to such dialogues. Such talks are fairly common between pets and their owners. It seems animals do understand their owners, their emotions and are able to communicate with them with ease.

The reel has been liked by many people and the comments section is filled with a lot of love and positive comments. This is the link to the artist’s Instagram handle here.

Click on this link to see the video:

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