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All aboard! The world’s first self-driving electric ship

World’s first electric container ship sails


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The world’s first fully autonomous electric container ship

Last Thursday, Yara Birkeland, the world’s first fully autonomous electric container ship made its first trip to Olso, Norway. Autonomous means it can sail by itself without much help from people.

What is a container ship?

A container ship is a large ship which is designed to carry goods and they are stored in containers.

Yara, a company that makes fertilizer, owns Yara Birkeland. Yara’s mission was to develop a zero-emissions ship, completely self-driven. In the near future, Yara hopes to make everything, like unloading and loading of the ship fully automatic.

What is its goal?

The main goal of Yara is to reduce pollution by moving large amounts of products by water instead of by truck. The ship can carry 120 large containers. Moreover, the ship’s batteries can be recharged via renewable sources (such as solar energy).

The next two years will be spent in training and testing the ship. However, although the ship is fully autonomous, humans will need to keep an eye on it.


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