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image depicting No-kill, lab-grown 'chicken meat' to go on sale in Singapore

Lab-grown ‘chicken meat’ to go on sale in Singapore

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Singapore has become the first country in the world to give its approval to sell lab-grown ‘chicken meat’ that does not come from the killing of animals.

This lab-grown ‘chicken meat’ was created by a US startup (company) called Eat Just.

This meat is grown from cells taken from live chickens. The cells are grown in a 1,200-litre bioreactor and then supplied with nutrients from plants.

The meat will initially be used in nuggets and sold in a restaurant in Singapore. For now, it will be quite expensive but the company plans to make it cheaper in the future.

Many are developing chicken, beef and pork meat in labs. They want to lessen the impact of raising cattle on the climate. Cattle (large groups of cows and other similar animals) contribute to 37% of all the methane emissions which happen due to human activity.

What is methane?

Methane is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change.

So, eating less meat is good for the environment but many people do not want to give up eating meat. Lab-grown meat could be the solution to this. It will also stop the killing of animals for meat.


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