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Image depicting Mickey Mouse - A jolly good fellow!

Mickey Mouse – A jolly good fellow!


Recommended for Foundational Grades

Is Mickey Mouse one of your favourite cartoons? With black ears, red shorts, yellow shoes and white gloves don’t we all love Mickey Mouse? He is cheerful, playful and the mascot (symbol) of the Walt Disney Company.

Key facts!

  • Walt Disney along with Ub Iwerks created Mickey Mouse as a replacement to another Disney character called Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
  • Mickey Mouse first appeared in two silent cartoons, named Plane Crazy and Gallopin’ Gaucho.
  • However, he became popular after he appeared in the first sound cartoon The Steamboat Willie in 1928.
  • He went on to ‘act’ in more than 130 cartoon films.
  • In fact, 10 of Mickey Mouse’s cartoons have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
  • The Academy Awards or Oscars are the most important film awards in the world.
  • The Mickey Mouse comic strip was also published in different newspapers starting from 1930 till 1995.
  • The Mickey Mouse comic strip that ran for 45 years was written and drawn by Floyd Gottfredson.
  • Numerous video games, comic books and merchandise have featured Mickey Mouse over the years.
  • Mickey Mouse usually appears with his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, his pet dog Pluto and his friends, Donald Duck and Goofy.

Here’s Mickey Mouse’s first-ever episode.

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