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Image depicting Tiger Uncovers Hidden Timber 'Depots' in Namdapha National Park!

Tiger Uncovers Hidden Timber ‘Depots’ in Namdapha National Park!


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A really cool tiger was seen near a forest house in Namdapha National Park. People got excited because it had been eight years since anyone saw a tiger there.

But when they tried to figure out why the tiger left the forest, they found something bad.

Key facts!

  • A tiger in Namdapha National Park helped uncover a bad thing happening.
  • Some people were taking trees and making them into the wood and it was against the law.
  • They made a bumpy road to get to the trees, and it was hard for the park workers to see what was happening in the core area of the park.
  • But when the tiger was seen, the workers put up cameras and found the bad people taking the trees.
  • The workers caught eight people who were doing it and took their trucks and digging machines away.
  • Further, they found a lot of wood and are trying to figure out how much was taken.
  • Also, the river where the animals drink was also in danger because of the bad people taking the trees.
  • The park workers want to protect the animals and the trees so they can grow again.

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