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Image depicting Perseverance rover's dramatic Mars landing

Watch video: Perseverance rover and its Mars landing

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We read that NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars on 18 February. Since then, the rover has been sending images of the Red Planet.

Recently, NASA released the video of the rover’s landing on Mars and it’s all very exciting! NASA also shared the first audio (sound) clip from the rover on Mars.

What can you see in the video?

Landing on Mars is not easy. It is called the “seven minutes of terroras explained here.

The video shows a whirl of dust and dirt being kicked up as the rover is lowered to the ground by its rocket backpack.

The Perseverance rover has many cameras attached to it. Seven of them were used to record the landing. Overall, the cameras collected over 23,000 images of the landing!

These kinds of videos help scientists to understand how they can improve the technology for future missions.

Watch the video below:


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The mission to Mars is one of the most interesting things happening in space technology today. NASA and many other governments and private companies are trying to find new ways of exploring the Red Planet. With Mars sharing a few similarities to Earth, scientists and researchers are excited about the possibility of travelling and perhaps living on Mars someday. Keep reading Curious Times for fascinating updates on space technology, research and space news for kids. 

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