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7 best ways to say Thank You on Teachers’ Day

Education without teachers is hard to imagine. We all need teachers to help us understand and learn better. And so, we must be thankful to our teachers every single day. But Teacher’s Day is the best day to show how much we love them.

Check out some of the best ways to say ‘Thank You’ to your teachers. And if you want to show them your special greetings, bring them to Curious Times on your published posts.

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Why is Teacher’s Day important?

5th October is marked as World Teacher’s Day or International Teacher’s Day. However, in India, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on 5th September. It is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a great teacher himself and the second President of India. On this day, all schools in India celebrate their teachers and students are very excited to do something special.

Teachers have done excellent work during COVID times and they continue to help students bridge the learning gap. Learning never stopped and we are thankful to our teachers for it.

Why is Teacher's Day so special?

Teachers play a huge role in shaping the life and future of children. On Teacher’s Day, we appreciate and acknowledge the importance of teachers. It is not a day to holiday at home, but to prepare and celebrate the teachers. Students gather with great ideas and activities to honour and recognize the efforts and contributions of their teachers. For all this and much more, Teacher’s Day is special.

Amazing ways to celebrate Teacher’s Day

And so on their special day, how can students, wish their teachers? How can we all try and make Teacher’s Day fun and memorable for all our teachers?

To help you, we decided to put forward a few ideas that you can try to celebrate this Teacher’s Day. Whichever part of the world are you in, you can use them to bring a huge smile to your teacher’s face.

1. A Teacher’s Day Poem

A great way to wish your teachers is by applying the knowledge that they give you. And a Teacher’s Day poem can be a perfect gift! Don’t just copy any poem, but try and make one yourself. You can do so individually or a group or class can get together and write a poem for each teacher. In fact, you can word the poem according to the subject that the teacher teaches you.

On Teacher’s Day surprise your teacher by each of you reciting a few lines to him/ her. You can do so in your classroom, with some reciting the poem and some holding placards or drawings. We are sure your teachers will feel very touched and blessed by this poetic gesture.

2.  Teacher’s Day posters

To make your teacher feel special, why not try and make a Teacher’s Day poster that you can hold up or stick in the classroom walls. The poster can be a drawing, collage of pictures, painting, or anything that you enjoy doing. But don’t forget to wish your teacher on the poster!

If you plan to make a single poster together, then each of you in the group or class can draw and write parts of it. So that when you all hold up and, the entire massive poster unfolds to the surprise of the teacher.

3.  Teacher’s Day Handmade cards

A Teacher’s Day celebration is quite incomplete without a card right! Take the effort to sit and make one. Get creative and make adorable handmade paper or cardboard cards for your teachers. You can hand them over to your teacher, when she comes to the class.

With so many digital resources, there are also many ways to make cards online. Making an online card is interesting and gives you many options to decorate and style it. It is also easy to upload or send across to your teacher virtually.

4.  Make a video

We are sure most of you know how to make amazing videos. Each of you can record and say something nice about your teacher in a video. Add some music, animations, etc. to make the video exciting before sending it across. Also, you can get together many videos of different students in class and integrate all of these into a single video. You can always take the help of parents if you are not too sure how to create videos. Or there is Google to help you too!

Sending a video is a great way to show appreciation to your teacher. Videos can be saved forever and your teachers can look back at them even after years to brighten their mood.

5.   Personalized Teacher’s Day gifts

If you are in senior classes and you get some pocket money, then try and make or get a gift for your teacher. It could be anything that can be useful, such as a pencil holder, pen, bag, etc. If you can hand make it, we are sure it will look even more beautiful. But if it’s not possible, then you can buy a gift too.

You can give her as a group, when she enters the class. You can also request your teacher to send across her address and post the gift. Or ship an online gift to your teacher’s address. Either way, we all love gifts and teachers are not an exception!

6.  Decorate, play games, sing songs

You can decorate your classroom, the teacher’s staff room, etc. Plan some games for the teachers to play, keeping in mind social distancing and COVID rules. You can plan a skit, song, or performance for them. Finally, you can also arrange a delicious lunch or takeaway packets for them.

7.  Pay tribute

A teacher feels special when you name and acknowledge their importance. Curious Times is a great place to get your special post published and visible to your teachers and many others. Why not start by submitting your wishes on My Expressions, which can be shared through email, WhatsApp, Facebook and more. Share with other students too. It is your teachers’ special day, the more the wishes, the better. Paying your teacher an online tribute on Curious Times is a wonderful way to keep the digital memories alive forever. And it will make your teacher so happy!

If you want to give a tribute to your teacher, click here

To Teacher, With Love

We hope you can use these ideas to make Teacher’s Day a special occasion for your beloved teachers. It doesn’t matter whether you have online classes or you go to school. Either way, you can praise and express your gratitude for teachers because

“If you have to put someone on a pedestal, put teachers. They are society’s heroes.”

Guy Kawasaki
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