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Image depicting Christmas Day!

Christmas Greetings from Curious Times

Christmas Greetings from Curious Times

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells everywhere! Ho Ho Ho! Tis’ the season to be jolly, happy and make a lot of memories.

β€œChristmas is a time for family, food and fellowship.

Wishing you nothing but the best that the season has to offer.”

Christmas Party at Curious Times

What’s your plan for this Christmas? Are you planning a friends’ or a family party? Are you planning a friends’ sleepover? It is also a holiday season, are you heading out to the hills or beaches?

Well, the Christmas festivity is such that whether you plan a big or a small get-together, you have to plan food, snacks and cakes. Add the Christmas colours, decorate a tree, make your list of music and then enjoy the eve and the day thoroughly. And when you enjoy your special evening, you got to include many of us too.

Guess what? Santa always wants us to make each other’s Christmas special by sharing our wonderful greetings, art, messages and stories on Curious Times. Our happiness grows double-fold when we share it with others.

If you have been good through the year, you know Santa is coming to fulfill your wishes.

So here is a time to MAKE-A-WISH for yourself or your loved ones. Share with us what you wished.

This Christmas, share your joy with your Curious peeps! Look forward to seeing your posts and good wishes on My Expressions.

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