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I’m It Myself

Image depicting I'm It Myself

It is a story of a month ago, in my study room as usual I was studying. I usually study from 7p.m till 10 p.m and my mom often walks around in the roof. My study room is just beside the roof and at that time 9:30p.m I sat still in the room and was revising English. It was raining heavily then as the season was of monsoon. With a sudden, the rain took a pause and strong wind started blowing. The windows were rattling like wild and the door of the roof was left wide open and was pushing against the wall.

Among that fierce wind I barely could see what was it standing in front of the door of our roof. The thing that I spotted was, it was wearing a white dress, rough and uneven hair flying in the air and had its feet backwards. When I slowly walked to it, with a gush of wind it was vanished. I became spooked severely and instantly locked the doors and windows.

I didn’t gained enough courage that time to let it be open like that. I kept on thinking who could it be. The thing was more spooky to me as that day wasn’t like the normal ones. From the evening there was loadsheddings occuring and also there was short circuit. All the objects were falling down from everyone’s hands too. Even that day only the father of one of my dad’s friend died. In Hindu religion it is believed that spirit of that person roams around until he founds one suitable place to live. These consequences spooked me a lot and I couldn’t sleep the night for extremely scary nightmares.

The following day was much fine with me until when the clocks hands reached 9:30p.m. Why don’t know that time only I had to go to the roof in order to refill my bowl with water as I was doing water colour painting. Suddenly again the frightening fierce wind started blowing hard. Once again that white dressed thing, don’t know what, was visible and also the door loudly shut. Then I heard it whispering into my ears “I’m gonna catch you, He he he…..” I ran straight away into the bedroom leaving all the bowl and water. I toppled down twice or thrice but it didn’t stoped me. It’s hands were stretched out long and was coming to chase me.

The third day you won’t believe, I was combing my hair when I saw in the mirror……a girl with blood stained mouth , left cheek seems like cut with a knife, right one’s flesh was scooped up, red bloody eyes and the neck was bent in the right. Even her hands and legs were red blood stained flesh. Then I fainted away.
And still now I’m searching her, being someone like her and no one in this planet.

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