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Monsoon Magic is here! Share your magical experience!

Monsoon Magic

When the first rain touches the ground, it gushes away the warm air and brings joy with it! It seems like nature has revived. Some of us like dancing in the rain while some like to sit quietly by the window and enjoy the breeze. But we all enjoy this season in some way or the other. This special season is here, the monsoon magic is here!

In India, the monsoon season stays for 3-4 months. It also plays an important role in agriculture. Farmers wait for the first rains and when it finally comes, they are filled with immense happiness. The ponds, lakes, wells and reservoirs are also filled with rainwater.

The best things about monsoon that most of us can relate to are the evening walks when the rain subsides, eating snacks in this beautiful weather, getting a day off from school, capturing some worthwhile snaps of nature, reading a book, playing board games, binge-watching a series, getting to see a rainbow, birds chirping, being lost in our thoughts and the list is endless.

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