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Image depicting Ancient Egypt: Teen Author Unlocks 4,000-Year-Old Secrets

Ancient Egypt: Teen Author Unlocks 4,000-Year-Old Secrets


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Move over, Instagram influencers, and make way for Pepi, a teenage scribe from ancient Egypt, whose life story reads like a 4,000-year-old self-help guide. This kid’s journey, meticulously recorded on papyrus, offers a fascinating glimpse into the universal struggles of adolescence, spiced up with hieroglyphics and a dash of Nile River charm.

Enter Michael Hoffen, a modern-day Sherlock Holmes of ancient texts, who has been obsessed with deciphering cryptic inscriptions since his middle school days.

This teenage sleuth stumbled upon “The Instruction of Khety,” a papyrus scroll that’s basically the ancient Egyptian equivalent of a viral life hack thread.

From Ancient Texts to Modern Acclaim

Hoffen, teaming up with a dynamic duo of Egyptologists (Christian Casey and Jen Thum), embarked on a three-year quest to decode these enigmatic symbols. The result? “Be A Scribe!”, a book that’s not just a history lesson, but a VIP pass to life in the time of pharaohs.

This extraordinary achievement earned Hoffen not only a book deal but also the prestigious Emerson Prize for outstanding promise in history.

A Teenager’s Guide to Ancient Egyptian Careers

Forget your boring history textbooks. “Be A Scribe!” is a wild ride through the ups and downs of Pepi’s life, as his ambitious father, Kheti, pushes him towards a coveted career in the royal court. It’s a timeless tale of parental expectations, teenage rebellion, and the eternal search for one’s true calling.

But it’s also a meticulously researched guide to the various professions in ancient Egypt, from weavers and potters to carpenters and farmers. Hoffen’s translation of the papyrus, accompanied by detailed explanations and stunning illustrations, brings to life the daily routines and challenges faced by these ancient workers.

So, if you’re tired of scrolling through endless listicles and motivational quotes, pick up “Be A Scribe!” It’s a treasure trove of ancient wisdom, a window into a world that’s both foreign and familiar.

Who knows, you might just find that Pepi’s 4,000-year-old advice is exactly what you need to navigate your own modern-day life.

Watch a podcast

Michael Hoffen discusses learning Egyptian from a young age, translating and designing the book, his hopes for the book, and what he’d like to do next!

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