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School News on Curious Times

School News on Curious Times

Curious about School News on Curious Times! Curious to know, how can your school news be on the leading school newspaper and kids’ news website!

School is almost like a second home. At Curious Times we believe that children have a deep bond with their school. In fact, children take pride in representing their school. There is purpose and meaning when they participate in school events or report their school news and happenings.

On the other hand, a school as an institution is identified by its students and faculty. Whether it is curriculum, syllabus, collaborations, or certificates and trophies, a school is as good as its staff and students.

School News and Curious Times

Curious Times is a curated newspaper for children. It provides sensational free current news, and informative content laden with fun, creative, and cognitive thinking. In fact, our research and content are aligned with the latest curriculum. And we aim at building a generation of children who are armed with 21st-century skills.

Since our goals match perfectly with that of educational institutes and schools, we work closely with schools. We feature and give focused attention to each school by providing a platform for its students, management and faculty.

School News through My School Program

School News to report everything that is important for your school.

My School program is an integrated program created by Curious Times for our partner schools. It provides a dedicated school page on the Curious Times website. Students can sign up using their school code to access the My School page and the curated content on our website. Also, we publish content created by the students. These could be their expressions, in form of writings, photography, art, poetry and more. We also conduct competitions, contests, quizzes, hand out certificates and much more to engage the children constructively.

One of the biggest advantages of My School is that it is a perfect platform for School News. There are always a lot of activities, events, competitions, club projects etc. that are constantly happening in school. Curious Times provides an exclusive segment for school news. The school mentors can submit their school news for publication on the page.

The school logo is displayed on the My School page. The logo also appears on all the published articles, arts, and contributions of their respective students on My Expressions.

Benefits of My School Program

My School is a significant way for a school to partner with Curious Times. Our symbiotic relationship helps in the holistic development of the student. However, there are also many other benefits that institutions can reap through this platform.

Amazing exclusive features for Schools.

School news on Curious Times with learning and participation

  1. Schools can use the Curious Times website as a medium to showcase the skills of their students. School students can participate in the competitions, contests and activities on Curious Times as School Members. Not just the students, the participating schools also receive awards and mentions. The published works of the students with the school logo can be accessed online and in offline print too. Schools can also avail The Curious Magazine, Curious Times Weekly, Flavour of the Month, Quizzes etc.
  2. My School acts as a source for all school news. On the page, you can post important announcements, such as principal and management interviews, admission dates, competitions, awards or events.
  3. Curious Times provides current and informational news every day to our young readers. Sometimes, teachers need to explain current affairs and relevant articles, as they connect to their teaching curricula. We provide such explainer content and resources to teachers.

School News builds school brand

Leading Schools are on Curious Times. New school are joining every week!
  1. Today schools are putting disproportionate effort into upgrading the infrastructure, staff, technology, and curriculum, as they also get ready for the New Education Policy (NEP 2020). Schools also need to communicate their growth and talk about their brand, and build their own brand value to attract more parents and students. Collaborating with Curious Times is a wonderful way to communicate the quality and values of your school. Curious Times helps in enhancing the school brand, displaying its various strengths and showcasing its standard of education and extra-curricular activities.
  2. In a technology-driven world, it is important to have an online presence. Also, the pandemic has opened up a large scope in involving the online mediums and platforms for the use of education. Social media too kicks in its weight when it comes to being connected virtually. However, usually, only followers view posts on social media which are often self-published and unverified. But with My School, all school news and happenings are verified, reviewed and can be viewed by the fraternity and community of educators. This instills more confidence in the readers too.
  3. Schools are constantly looking for recommendations and resources in various aspects for the growth of their students and their institute. We have many counsellors, partners, and guests listed on our website. Schools can reach out to them and engage them too.

Register for the My School program

Register Now
  • Once a school is registered, it is assigned its school code and its logo gets registered on Curious Times. Any student or faculty from the school can sign up using the school code. Please contact to register your school. You can apply for registration on this form: Curious Times School Registration Form.
  • School coordinators and mentors have access to post-school news. Contact us at to register as a school mentor.
  • Students can participate in our various competitions, campaigns, quizzes etc. by signing up using the school code. All published works of the student will appear along with the school logo on our website.
  • Schools can choose to restrict the participation of up to a few entries by students for competitions. Mentors can do quick ticks at the backend and allow recommended entries only.

My School feature is an excellent platform. It acts as the perfect page for all communications within the community and fraternity. Also, with exclusive school news and a school logo, schools get a splendid platform to exhibit, as well as advertise. Students and teachers benefit greatly from our many activities, besides gaining access to our daily dose of news and informational articles.

Yes, school is like a second home for children. And by partnering with Curious Times, we hope that together we can lay a foundation and an environment for students to keep their curiosity thriving.  

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