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Are stars born? Yes, 275 millions stars are born every day


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Stars aren’t just pretty lights; they’re the building blocks of everything! Imagine galaxies as giant cosmic cities, and stars are the houses, the bustling shops, the heart of the whole place. When a galaxy is young, it’s like a new neighborhood – empty lots, quiet streets. But as stars are born, the galaxy starts to fill up, becoming a vibrant, lively place.

And it goes even deeper – stars are like cosmic factories! In their fiery cores, they cook up all the important stuff: carbon (the basis of life!), nitrogen, oxygen…the ingredients for planets and maybe even creatures like us! Talk about a heavy responsibility!

Stars even shape the galaxies they live in. Young stars light up the place, keeping it warm and welcoming. Their gravity helps create those beautiful spiral arms that make galaxies so photogenic. They’re like the pulse of the universe, the cosmic architects without whom everything would be cold, dark, and just a little bit boring.

How are stars born?

Imagine the universe as a vast, dark ocean. Within this ocean, giant clouds of gas – like cosmic whirlpools – drift and swirl. These clouds hold a secret: swirling inside are the seeds of stars just waiting to be born! It all starts with a shiver, some unseen cosmic force that stirs things up.

The cloud begins to collapse, drawn inward by its own invisible pull. As it gets smaller, it spins faster and faster, like a twirling dancer pulling their arms in tight. Deep in the cloud’s heart, where things are the densest, a fiery core awakens. This swirling, super-hot core is a baby star in the making!

Something incredible happens inside that fiery heart: atoms begin to dance and smash together. In their wild collisions, they fuse, releasing a burst of pure energy – light! This newborn star ignites, sending its first rays of light shimmering out into the darkness.

Across our galaxy, the Milky Way, stars are being born all the time – about three new suns each year! Some are giants, many times bigger than our sun; others twinkle with a more modest light. But stars like our own sun, those cozy yellow dwarves, are the most common of all.

Think about it: across the entire universe, with billions and billions of galaxies, over 150 BILLION new stars burst into life every year! That’s millions each day! Of course, for every star that dances into existence, another fades away. But for one incredible moment, somewhere in the dark between galaxies, a star is born and the universe fills with a little more light.

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