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New Year’s Day – 1 January

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On New Year’s Day, we wish a Happy New Year to all our curious readers!

It is the 1st of January and the start of a new year as per the gregorian calendar. After two difficult years, we hope that this year, 2021, will bring us joy and positivity.

New Year’s Day is among the most celebrated public holidays in the world. It is often observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone.

This day is usually celebrated with feasts, greeting family and friends and saying prayers for a good year ahead.

However, this year, due to COVID-19, gatherings are limited. But the joy of starting a new year still remains.

Different countries have different traditions for New Year’s Day. In Spain, you should have 12 grapes with you when the clock strikes 12 at midnight. One grape is eaten on each stroke. If all the grapes are eaten within the period of the strikes, it means good luck in the new year.

The first places to ring in the New Year are the small islands of Samoa, Kiribati and Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. After that, it is New Zealand, followed by Australia and the rest of the world.

There is a tradition of making New Year resolutions. We decide the habits we will take forward and the habits we will leave behind. We also plan what new we would like to do. People try to give up their bad habits and pick up new skills and habits.

What are your wishes for the new year? And what are your new year resolutions?

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