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image depicting The human body: Babies are born with 300 bones and adults have 206

The human body: Babies are born with 300 bones and adults have 206

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The human body

The babies are born with 300 bones. An adult has 206 bones. The question is where are these 94 bones gone?

The bones don’t disappear. The bones actually fuse or merge together. Some of these bones don’t contain calcium even before merging.

During the birth time, the bones are flexible but tough. They are called cartilages. As the child grows these cartilages become sturdier and join together. A child’s bones won’t stop growing until maturity.

The human body

The adult’s bones are harder, brittle and likely to break than bend. A child’s bones are more flexible. This means a kid’s bone might bend or “bow” instead of breaking. Most people’s bones finish fusing together around the start of puberty or adolescence (maybe around the time we become a teenager).

The 206 count doesn’t include 32 teeth. Teeth aren’t considered bones. They’re made of enamel, a material even stronger than bone.

The human body

Here is an interesting video, we found on YouTube for you. Video credit: Body Hub/Youtube


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