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Iage depicting This cute chocolate frog will melt your heart

This cute chocolate frog will melt your heart


Recommended for Foundational Grades

Australian scientists have discovered a new type of tree frog in the forests of New Guinea. New Guinea is an island near Australia

Tree frogs are known for their green skin. But this new fog is brown like chocolate! That’s why people are calling it the “chocolate frog”.

This new tiny chocolate frog is related to the Australian green tree frog. They look almost exactly the same except for their colours.

Scientists have named it Mira. This means “surprised” or “strange” in the Latin language.

Harry Potter

Many fans of the Harry Potter series are excited about this new discovery. This is because the new frog looks exactly like the magical frog sweets in the series. But of course, this one is not meant to be eaten.

Watch a video about Australian green tree frogs. Video credit: SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium/Youtube

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  1. Sanaa says:

    It would be very gross to eat a real frog in the form of a chocolate frog..

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