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Image depicting United Nations Public Service Day!

United Nations Public Service Day!


Recommended for Middle Grades

Every year on June 23, the United Nations recognises and honours the importance of public service to the larger community. Thus this day is celebrated as United Nations Public Service Day.

This is also the day when the prestigious United Nations Public Service Awards are given out. The United Nations has known for a very long time that people who work in public service are very important to the places where they live. Because of this, they decided to establish the United Nations Public Service Awards.

These awards honour people who have done great things for the public good and are meant to encourage and reward them.

What is Public Service?

A service is considered to be public if it is available to everyone in the community. 

Key Ideas behind Public Service!

  • People have a lot of different reasons for getting jobs or helping out in their communities as volunteers.
  • Some people join because they want to do their part for the good of everyone. For example, a lawyer might offer their services at a lower price or even for free to help the general public.
  • Some people choose to do public service to get useful professional experience, as well as the chance to learn from others and make connections.

Fun facts about United Nations Public Service Day!

  • The United Nations chose June 23 as the date to celebrate the anniversary of the Convention on Labor Relations.
  • In 1978, this Convention was signed by the International Labor Organization (ILO). On this day, the United Nations recognises the work that public servants do.
  • The United Nations encourages young people to think about working for the government as a career.

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