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Paro Anand

Once upon a time, in a world filled with stories, there was a storyteller named Paro Anand. Like a wizard with words, she created magical tales for children, young adults, and even grown-ups. Her stories were not just words on a page; they were adventures waiting to be discovered. Imagine a garden where every flower tells a story – that’s what reading her books feels like!

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Paro Anand did something very special. She didn’t just write stories; she also shared them with children everywhere, in schools and in places called NGOs. She believed that every child, no matter where they are, should have the chance to dream through stories. It’s like she turned the world into a giant storybook, open for all to read.

There’s something else amazing about Paro Anand. She helped over three thousand children make the world’s longest newspaper! Imagine a paper so long, it could wrap around your school! It’s like a paper dragon, stretching out with stories and dreams. That’s what Paro Anand helped to create, a dragon of dreams made of paper and ink.

The Books That Touch Hearts

“No Guns at My Son’s Funeral”

This is a story that Paro Anand wrote, which has been loved all around the world. It’s not just a book; it’s a journey into a world where tough things happen, but where hope shines like a star in the night. It’s about not giving up, even when things are really hard. It’s like finding a light in a dark room.

“The Little Bird Who Held the Sky Up with His Feet”

Imagine a tiny bird, so small but so brave, holding up the whole sky with his feet. This is one of Paro Anand’s stories that has been celebrated all over the world. It teaches us that no matter how small you are, you can do big things. It’s like a tiny seed growing into a mighty tree.


“Wingless” is another magical tale by Paro Anand. It’s about finding your place in the world, even when you feel different. It’s a story that dances in your heart, teaching you that everyone has their own special kind of magic. It’s like discovering you can fly, even without wings.

The Heart of Paro Anand’s Stories

Paro Anand is not just a writer; she’s a heart-healer. Through her stories, she reaches out to children in tough situations, giving them courage and love. It’s like she’s a lantern, bringing light to dark places.

Her stories have traveled across oceans, reaching people in different lands. She’s like a story-ship, sailing across seas of imagination. Even great leaders like President Kalam of India have recognized her magic.

Paro Anand’s stories are not just for today; they are treasures for tomorrow. They teach us to be brave, kind, and to believe in magic. It’s like she’s planting seeds of hope and joy in the garden of the future.

Books by Paro Anand

  • “No Guns at My Son’s Funeral”: A powerful story about a young boy caught in a web of conflict and his struggle to find peace.
  • “The Little Bird Who Held the Sky Up with His Feet”: A tale of a small bird with a big heart, showing us that anyone can make a huge difference.
  • “Wingless”: A heartwarming story about finding your own unique strengths and soaring high, even when you feel different.

In the end, Paro Anand’s stories are like stars in the night sky, each one shining with its own light, guiding young minds on a journey of wonder, courage, and dreams. Her words are not just letters on a page; they are windows to new worlds, teaching us to believe in ourselves and in the magic of stories.

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