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Date : 19 March 2020

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  • Sanaa Celly

Hi Curious Friends,

My name is Sanaa Celly and today I am going to tell you about another book from Raina Telgemier, which is ‘Sisters’.

‘Sisters’ is my favourite book by Riana Telgemier. I like it a lot because it is based on how Raina and her sister Amara were behaving like rivals but they had to get along together to help their parents.

The graphic novel or graphic comic ( as I like to call it ) basically goes like that once Raina, her brother Will, her sister Amara and their mother Sue were driving from California to Colorado to meet their aunt. But their father Denis couldn’t come because of work.

During their trip to Colorado, Raina shared her childhood memories. She always wanted a sister, so when Amara was born, she was very happy. Later they started fighting with each other.

When they reached their aunt’s house Amara did not have anyone to play with. Raina thought that she could get along with her cousin Lindsay. But her cousin barely knew her.

When they were coming back to California they got to know another reason why their dad could not come with them.

So the thought occurred to Raina and her sister that their parents might split up so when they were alone in the car they decided to get along together.

I can not give further detail than this so get the book and start reading it to know what other things happen because I can not give you all the details.

That was all for now so goodbye.

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Sanaa Celly

4, Scottish High International School, Gurgaon, Haryana

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