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Image depicting Republic Day Event

The Republic Day Event

The Republic Day Event – National Symbols, Our Pride

Curious Times is excited to bring yet another exciting event for all our curious and creative kids and teachers. It’s the Republic Day Season everywhere in India. Let’s paint our feed with the theme on National Pride.

The Republic Day Event

India celebrates Republic Day on the 26th January every year. Republic Day event on Curious Times will be be open from the 22nd of January and will end on 31st January. Select contributions will be published in Curious Times Weekly.

What’s the theme?

National Symbols, Our Pride

As we all know every country has a set of national symbols that are unique to each country. Similarly India has its own set of National Symbols also known as National Identity Elements of India. You can find all the National Symbols of India here: Here is what you can do to give tribute to your nation!

Go Artsy:

Using the theme of national symbols you can create your own unique and creative art to pay tribute to our country. You can use one symbol or create an amalgamation of many – the choice is yours. 

Make it 3D:

Showcase your skills with 3d models of the National Symbols using whatever materials you like- it could be craft work or a working or non-working model. The only requirement is that it should be three dimensional. 

Take the mic :

If you were given a chance to speak at the Republic Day parade, what would your speech be? Make it interesting, patriotic and inspiring! Better still, you can sing your national song, anthem or your own patriotic song. We are all ears 🙂 This is open for all students, teachers and principals. 

Pen it down:

Do you know the history of our national symbols? Can you make stories about them? Write about the National Symbols of India, its history, importance or about its beauty- as mentioned earlier the choice and thoughts are yours. You can submit – poems, essays, letters etc. 

The Republic Day Event

Hurry and participate to get published on and Curious Times Weekly.

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