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Another way out

The Other Way Out

As we jump into a well of time
And float into the future
We pass into a comma-like silence
Until it comes to a full stop.
A full stop on the extreme right of a page
No, it’s not the end of the world’s page,
It’s the end of ‘one’ line…

As we wander into a circle of eternity
And drift into unknown nothingness
We fall into a pause for dramatic effect
Until its time to draw the curtains
Draw the curtains to their tightest
No, it’s not the end of world’s show
It’s the end of ‘one’ show…

As we sleep-walk into the 6th Dimension
And get sucked into endless black
We tumble into a huge speed-breaker
Until there’s a dead end in front of us
No, it’s not the end of world’s road
It’s the end of ‘one’ road…

We can always float back onto the next line…
We can always drift back onto the stage for the next show…
We can always sleep-walk back to the turn we were supposed to take….

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Nitya Baldava

6, The Future Kids School , Hyderabad, Telangana

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