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Image depicting Autobiography of a classroom chair

Autobiography of a classroom chair

Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to tell you a story. But it’s not just any story. It’s about the life of a classroom chair. Yeah, you heard it right. A chair! Sounds weird? Well, that’s what makes it fun. This chair is not an ordinary one. It’s been in my school, R.K. Vidya Mandir, for like ages, and it has seen so many things that even our history books haven’t. So, let’s dive into the life and times of this not-so-ordinary classroom chair.

This chair was made in a small factory in Meerut. It was all shiny and new, with bright blue paint and not a single scratch. The day it came to our school, it was like a celebrity. Everyone wanted to sit on the new chair. But little did they know, this chair was destined for greatness and a whole lot of adventures.

The chair’s first friend was Rahul. He was in 6th grade then and was known for his mischiefs. Rahul would always tilt the chair back, making it stand on just two legs. I know, it sounds dangerous, and it was. The chair would always get scared but never said a word. Chairs can’t talk, can they? But I’m sure if it could, it would have told Rahul a lot!

Then came a time when this chair became an artist’s muse. It was 7th grade, and Preeti, who was super into drawing, used to sit on this chair. She would sometimes doodle on the desk, and occasionally on the chair too. So now, the chair had these cute little drawings on its back. A sun, some stars, and a big heart with ‘Preeti + Art = Love’. It was like wearing a tattoo, I guess.

There was this phase when the chair got super unlucky. It was during 8th grade. The naughtiest kid in our class, Sameer, decided this chair was his throne. He would often bang it, throw it, and once he even tried to carve his name on it! Poor chair! It got so many scars and scratches. But it stood strong. Well, it’s a chair, it had to stand anyway, right?

Oh, this one is my favorite! Once during 9th grade, we had this rumor going that our classroom was haunted. And guess what? They said the ghost liked to sit on this very chair! For weeks, nobody dared to sit on it. The chair was like a celebrity again, but for a spooky reason. I think the chair must’ve felt lonely, but who knows, maybe it enjoyed the ghost’s company.

Exam days are tough, right? They were tough for our chair too. It had to bear the burden of all those nervous students. I remember during our 10th board exams, Anjali always sat on this chair. She used to fidget a lot, tap her feet, and sometimes even bite the corner of the desk. The chair was her silent supporter, never complaining, always there.

Then there was a time when our classroom got new furniture. All shiny and modern. Our dear chair was pushed to the corner, forgotten and gathering dust. It was sad. I think chairs have feelings too, don’t they? But this one never lost hope. It knew its time would come again.

And come back it did! When our classroom got renovated, guess who became the star again? Our chair! It was like those movies where the hero makes a grand comeback. Now, repainted and fixed, it stood proudly in our classroom, ready for more adventures.

Oh, how can I forget this? When the pandemic hit, our school closed. The classrooms were empty. This chair, along with others, just sat there, waiting. It must’ve been a scary time, all quiet and alone. But it waited patiently for the laughter and chaos of students to return.

Now, as we are back in school, the chair is still there, in our classroom. It’s a bit wobbly, the paint is chipped here and there, but it’s still the most sought-after seat. I sometimes sit on it and wonder about all the stories it holds.

So, that’s the life of our classroom chair. It’s more than just a piece of furniture. It’s a witness to laughter, tears, pranks, fears, and dreams. It’s funny how we never notice these small things around us, right? But they have stories too. Just like us.

Maybe next time you sit on a chair, try to listen to its story. You never know, it might have some interesting tales to tell. Until then, keep your eyes and ears open for the stories around you. They’re everywhere!

That’s it for today, folks. Hope you liked my clumsy attempt at telling the story of a classroom chair. Do let me know your thoughts. And hey, if you have any stories of your own, share them in the comments. I’d love to read them!

See you in the next post! Byeee!

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