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Image depicting Discover: Easy Scientific Experiments for Kids

Discover: Easy Scientific Experiments for Kids

Are you looking for some easy science experiments for kids? Here is what we got to tell you today.

All of us study science as a subject in our schools. Some of us hate it and some of us love it. Do you know what is science?

What is science?

Science is the study of nature and behaviour of natural things and knowledge that we obtain about them. In simple words, we can say that when we study a subject or topic in detail, we study the science of the subject.

For the ease of understanding, we divide science into three branches: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Adding to it, there are sub-branches of all the three subjects, which further unwrap into a vast study. But the fun is that all of them overlap.

Importance of Science

While studying science, we not only learn the theory about a particular subject, but we also learn to perform practicals. Those who love science would tell you that the best thing about science is practicals, which we perform to understand the topics and to question the assumptions.

Isn’t it interesting to do the experiment and learn about some specific topics? What if we told you that all experiments do not require a lab. Also that many experiments can be done in your kitchen and backyards.

Yes! You need to perform the experiments with caution. You must have proper knowledge about the elements you use in your experiments. But you can do it under the supervision of your parents and older siblings.

We have a Science Society run by UNESCO. The United Nations organization believes that science is the major component or element in our everyday life. It monitors our health, provided medicine to cure our health All of it is an outcome of science.

Science is our lifeline. The basic needs of all human beings involve science. Science has a big role in how food and drinking water are prepared and stored. The technology with which we can communicate with each other is also a branch of science. Even sports contain a science behind the way it is played. Basically, science nourishes our spirit, backs up our limitations and gives us a variety of ideas or subjects to work on.

Are you guys excited about how you can do easy science experiments at home? Let us learn about some simple experiments that you could do at home.

Easy Experiments to do at home

When we talk about experiments, most of you would be thinking about your Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs in the schools. But do you know that there are some experiments which you can do at home itself? We do have some simple ingredients at home also, don’t we?

We can find simple elements like water, baking soda, salt, eggs, candies and lemons at home. And many experiments can be done with these simple elements. Let’s see how to do those experiments.

1. Making the egg bouncy

You need an egg and vinegar, you can easily find it in your kitchen. Put the egg in a cup and fill it with vinegar until it covers the egg. Let it sit for 24 hours. Later, wash the egg under the water, and see its bounce. Ain’t it cute?

Well, now you are thinking why did this happen? The eggshell is made of calcium carbonate. You must be wondering what is it?

Calcium carbonate is a supplement that is used when the diet doesn’t have enough calcium. You can find this supplement in the chalk as well. On the other hand, vinegar is a solution of acetic acid in water.

When the egg is dipped fully in the vinegar, the eggshell absorbs the acid and either it breaks or it dissolves. This is how the egg gets its bounce. Check out this short video for the experiment:

2. Invisible Ink

Astonished? Yes, we can make invisible ink with baking soda, grape juice, paper and some earbuds or paintbrushes. Mix one tablespoon of soda and a tablespoon of water together. With the help of paintbrushes or earbuds, write the secret message on the paper. Let it dry for 2-3 minutes. Later, paint it with grape juice to reveal the message.

Well, how did this happen? When baking soda and water are mixed together, carbon dioxide is formed. Therefore, when you write your secret message on the white paper, it is not visible. The grape juice is an acid, so when you paint grape juice over the baking soda, a chemical reaction takes place. The grape juice causes a change in colour and the message becomes visible. Though, you can just use lemon juice as the invisible ink as well. πŸ™‚

Check out this short video too:

3. Generating electricity from lemon juice

You will need copper wires, zinc nails, a light bulb and lemons to make a lemon battery. You can find it easily in or around your house. The next question is how will we make the lemon battery?

Firstly, roll the lemon to make it juicy from the inside. Insert the zinc nails and copper wire inside the lemon. Zinc nails act as negative while the copper wire acts as positive terminal to the battery. Connect a voltmeter on both the terminals. And there you go, lighting up the bulb. Copper needs more electrodes than zinc and therefore, it becomes powerful terminal and the electricity is generated.

Watch this short experiment on the link given below:

Isn’t it interesting and easy? Be careful while working with the nails and wires.

4. Experiments with salt and water

All you need is salt and water, which you will easily find in your kitchen. Here, another key ingredient that you will need is a potato. Now, take two glasses and fill them with normal water. Add a tablespoon of salt to one glass and mix it. Simple?

Now, take two potatoes, and put one potato in each glass. The potato will drown in the normal water, while the potato in the saltwater will float on the surface.

Why does it happen? When we mix salt in the water, it becomes denser than normal water. Objects tend to flow in the saltwater. Therefore, the potato will float in the saltwater. Watch this video to learn more:

These are some easy science experiments which you can do at your home. Yes, you need to be cautious and be an experimenting soul at the same time.

Watch this video for more exciting and simple science experiments::

At Curious Times, we are celebrating Science and your love for science. Did you notice how we bring science news every day to share whatever news is happening around the world?

The Science Month Activity For You

Now here is what we are looking forward to seeing from you. The easy experiments that you little souls do. Join us and learn new things every day. We promise to bring you more stuff about cool scientists, new inventions and also share your learnings with your Curious friends on Curious Times. Click on My Expressions.

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