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Image depicting The Science Month

The Science Month!

The Science Month!

“I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”

Isaac Newton

The Science Month on Curious Times

February and March are very important months for Science as a lot of scientists were born in these two months. Whatever we are doing, our functioning and our complete being is because of Science. Curious Times is celebrating Science Month from 11th February to 15th of March. That is from Thomas Edison’s birthday to Pi Day, Einstein’s Birthday.

Important Science Days in Feb- Mar

We wish to pay tributes to great scientists and celebrate their works, efforts and great inventions. So gear up Curious Kids, its time to put on your thinking caps and show off your ingenuity.

What’s in Store?

There are three categories for students to participate in:

DIY Science Experiments and Projects:

Who doesn’t love doing science projects? Send us your creative, fun science experiments and leave us stunned with your results. You can send in a video format or written format with a picture. Submit on ME – My Expressions.

Do not forget to check out some ideas and videos on Easy Science Experiments For Kids By Roohi Bhargava.

The Scientist, I Admire:

This is your way to pay tribute to famous scientists. Dress up like them. Draw and sketch them. Make a PowerPoint, convert it to video. Or you can write about them and their inventions. Creativity always has brownie points. Track our News section for more news on our great scientists.

My Futuristic Ideas :

Flying Cars, Humanoids, Colony on Mars and what not! – Send us your futuristic ideas, that you wish to see in the future. You can submit in any format – 3d model, video, written.
On Curious Times, we bring 10-15 news on science and technological advancements, discoveries and inventions happening every week. Find the updates on Curious Times Weekly.

Individual students participating on their own:

1. You have to be a registered member of Curious Times. If you have registered in the past, do not register again. Existing registered members can Login and participate on the days of the event.

2. If you are new to Curious Times, Register for FREE on this Link: Join Us.

3. Once logged in, go to My Expressions (ME) to submit your entries.

4. Do not forget to read the Rules Of Submissions.

5. Publishing of entries and selections will be at the discretion of the editors without providing reasons for selection.

School participation

In case your school already has an association with Curious Times, the students are advised to use the school code for participation. You must check with your school coordinators.

If your school is not a member, so far, the coordinators are requested to apply and register their school in order to receive your exclusive school code and school page with a link for participation.

School Coordinators are requested to fill in the Curious Times School Partners Form in the form given below. This form is not for the participating students. They have to register on the platform:


If you require any additional information, please write to us on

Who can participate?

Any student, starting from Pre – Primary to Grade 12, can participate.

Follow our Social handles:

Keep watching this space for more details on this challenge. You, your family and schools can follow our social handles and messaging groups to stay posted.

Instagram: @curioustimesofficial
Facebook: @curioustimesofficial

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