My Expressions

Date : 13 August 2019

  • Young Voice
  • Navdha

Once I wished upon a star,
It, so blur, could hear me weeping;

And so it blessed me with freedom;
A dream when I am not sleeping.

Freedom, to me, is
Something that shall be

Pure and gracious,
And a promise till eternity.

Freedom, to me, is
To breathe in the air

Gandhi and Kalaam left to me,
(Though now polluted)
How better could it be?

Freedom, to me, is
An opportunity, so vivid;

To chase my dreams
And to mend all the false that I did.

Freedom, to me, is
A beautifully written verse

And the ability to see sweet, twinkling stars
Up in the universe.

Freedom, to me, is
To be crowned the king:

Of my own actions
And be a better human being.

Freedom is what I call,
An expensive gift for posterity

And to all those who made it happen,
Bowed our heads should be!




Grade: 11, DL DAV Model School, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

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